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January 3rd 2010

majestic wilderlands character sheet

A character sheet has been created for Supplement VI Majestic Wilderlands. It is based on Basic D&D character sheet found on (Majestic Wilderlands Character Sheet)

December 13th 2009

cover of the majestic wilderlands

The Majestic Wilderlands is now avaliable in a original style cover . It is available for $12 at (purchase here)

December 10th 2009

cover of the majestic wilderlands

Announcing the release of the print version of the Majestic Wilderlands. It is available for $12 at (purchase here)

For those with the PDF there is now a Original style cover for you to use if you choose to print out your book. You can download it from here. (download here). If you need the same type of card stock for the cover you can buy some from this site.

December 7th 2009

Bat in the Attic Games and Judges Guild are pleased to announce that a license agreement has been signed to allow rules and supplements to be published for the Majestic Wilderlands. The Majestic Wilderlands is a setting developed by Robert Conley based on the Judges Guild\'s Wilderlands of High Fantasy. Bat in the Attic Games first product will be Supplement VI, the Majestic Wilderlands, a rules supplement adapting the Swords & Wizardry RPG to the Majestic Wilderlands. Also Included is a guide to the Majestic Wilderlands setting.

For further information please contact Robert Conley at or read the FAQ.

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