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The Majestic Wilderlands

Majestic Wilderlands Small Cover

The Majestic Wilderlands (Print) $12 (available now)
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From the City-State of the Invincible Overlord to the ancient city of Viridistan the wilderness is thick with dungeons and ruins. Contained in this book are the background and rules used in a campaign thirty years in the making. You will find over two dozen classes ranging from Soldiers to Mountebanks and races of Reptile Men to Half-Viridians. New races, magic variants, creatures, and magic items can be found within these pages. Also included is a complete overview of the Majestic Wilderlands. Begin your journey into the Majestic Wilderlands and become the next person to carve their mark in the hall of destiny.

A 140 page rules supplement compatible with the Swords & Wizardry  rules and a guide to the Majestic Wilderlands

Authored by Rob Conley

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