Majestic Wilderlands 4456

                It began twelve years ago, then two dukes, Draco-Lindus of New Caelam, and Divolic of Rhyl came to power in the City-State of the Invincible Overlord. Draco-Lindus was the favored of Mitra, the goddess of light, and good. Divolic was the favored of Set, the dark god of night, and evil. The Overlord Lucius III appointed Draco-Lindus, and Divolic as dukes on the same day. He hoped that elevating the two rivals would keep peace in his kingdom. It did ... for a time.

                Then rebels in a rebellion in one of the Overlord’s northern duchies killed his son and heir. This left his three year old grandson Halius as heir. The Overlord was old when his son died and he was dying. He appointed a council of regents to decide on the succession. He asked them to look after the best interests of the realm and choose the next Overlord wisely. This was not to be.

                The Overlord Lucius died in the year 4453, the council convened. Quickly it fell into bickering and argument over which male relatives in the Lucius' clan would be Overlord. Then the Duke of Gaenost, one of the council members, died and a seat was vacant. Duke Draco-Lindus and Duke Divolic were the leading candidates for the seat. In a election many felt was bought, Duke Divolic was narrowly elected to the council of regents. When Duke Draco-Lindus was ordered to the City-State to swear loyalty to the council. He refused. 

                Civil war ripped apart the City-State, Duke Divolic and the Regents declared Duke Draco-Lindus a traitor and a rebel. A massive army was raised and marched on New Caelam the seat of the Draco-lindus' power. Outside the town of Werewood the two side clashed and fought for three days. The battle was inconclusive and both withdrew exhausted. The next year saw skirmishes as both sides regained their strengths and gathered allies. 

                In a dramatic gesture the Dragon Empire was proclaimed restored at the ancient city of Actuan. Draco-lindus was crowned Overlord of the Dragon Empire in the winter of 4455. Upon hearing the news the Duchy of Dearthmead, south of City-State proclaimed their allegiance to Draco-lindus.  Then Elessarian Duke of Halnar kneeled before Draco-lindus and acknowledged him as his Overlord. Revolts sprung up throughout Laknost and Gaenost as Elessarians and Ghinorians banded together against their Tharian masters. Only among the Elessarians of Antil was their no rejoicing at the Draco-lindus' coronation. 

                Taking command of the situation Duke Divolic quickly put down the rebellions in the two Duchies. But the Tharians of Bernost took advantage of the confusion and with the aid of Sotur and their brethren of the Tharian Coast expelled the forces of City-State. Now in the spring of 4456 the Wilderlands await the renewal of hostilities.

Map of the Majestic Wilderlands